“Your flaws are perfect for the heart that is meant to love” – Trent Shelton

At work last week I came across this quote which was written on the blurb of the book. It’s very similar to a quote that i’ve written about previously, perfect imperfections. It resonated with me and stood out.

Don’t let your past define you and hold you back, keep moving forward.

I’m not blogging as much as I used to, it doesn’t mean I don’t write anymore. I do sometimes but i’m not always comfortable sharing. I’m at a different place in my life at the moment, one that is significantly different to a couple of months ago.

Going away on Wednesday, i’ll try and keep a holiday blog but the last one didn’t go well. I started it but then got carried away with other things. Summer is just round the corner, can’t wait!

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What’s next?

To prevent my mind straying into negativity and pondering what should have been, I like to keep myself as busy as possible. One thing I love doing is travelling, whether that be alone or with others.

Time to get planning. I never finish one holiday before having at least the next one planned. Currently Crete in Greece is booked for my birthday. Amsterdam is in the works in July for a stag do, and no it won’t be a messy one compared to last year’s stag in Magaluf. It’s going to be chilled, sightseeing and lots of photography. I won’t be doing any snapping though, I don’t have the “eye” for a good picture. My friends on the other hand are photography fanatics and use any opportunity to get a picture or 10. Need to go to Slovakia for a wedding in September. We also need to start planning next year’s snowboarding trip, we’ve had various suggestions already from Canada to Austria so we’ll see what happens.

The getaway that I’m looking forward to the most is Mallorca next month. I’m fortunate enough to have one of my best friends, who’s also like an older brother to me, living in Palma. He would like me to go out there as much as I can but the bank balance isn’t that healthy nor do I have enough holidays from work. I try and go out there twice a year. I digress, the reason I’m excited about next month is he’s having a baby. So exciting times for all and I’ll get some good quality beach time.

It’s not even been 6 months into the New Year and I’ve already had many ups and downs, more than one would like to have. I’d rather live a boring life of a recluse… That’s a lie, I’d get bored. Who cares I’m young, well young at heart at least.

This year has been the opposite of last year so far. The first part of last year was amazing, some of the best 6 months of my life, Barcelona, The French mountains, being surrounded by my nearest and dearest, the latter part was horrible. The rest of this year sounds exciting on paper. Let’s see what the future holds.


I’ve always loved tattoos but never wanted to get one on myself. Last year a friend of mine gave me some semi permanent tattoos from an American company called Ink Box. These tattoos last about 2 weeks and I fell in love with them straight away.

What I came to realise was choosing the right tattoo is really hard, even though my one was only going to last 2 weeks. Although Ink Box has a wide selection of tattoos not much actually stands out and the ones that do I’ve already worn. Currently I’m undecided between the Avengers logo, a Wolf or a Harry Potter one which you can see below. Who knows my growing love for tattoos might even sway me to get a permanent one.

Ink Box


What did music mean for me or what connotations did it hold for me? The beat, that’s all it was for a while. That was until I went through certain experiences in my life when I actually started to listen to the actual words of the song.

Up until then it meant nothing. It’s not until you’ve been through certain life experiences that you can truly understand a song. Whether its hip hop, country, jazz, pop etc. Its not until then that those words hold meaning. It’s when those songs hold meaning that you choose to cherish and hold them dear. They help you come to terms with situations in your life. They help you overcome those experiences. They help you become stronger and offer guidance from places you didn’t expect from people you didn’t expect.

I read an article earlier that Adele had broken up with her husband and was going back to writing. Which she said she was done from. She once said something along the lines of and don’t quote me on this, I only write songs when I’m sad, when I’m happy I’m enjoying life.

I’m attaching an album cover from Shawn Mendes’s last album, can you figure out which song hit home for me? Album was released last year.

Embrace The Present

“Because I don’t live in either my past or my future. I’m interested only in the present. If you can concentrate always on the present, you’ll be a happy man.”

After my last blog I decided to read Paul Coelho’s the Alchemist again. All those years ago when I read it last I underlined the above quote.

What’s done is done and what will be will be. There’s no point in fretting over the past or what is to come. Make the most of what is happening in the now. We all get lost at some point, hopefully not for too long. Take the opportunities to fix what may have broken or do something that you’ve been putting off. Before long it will be too late and the opportunities would have been missed.

We’re only human at the end of the day, we always know what to say to other people to help them out but can never do the same for ourselves. Taking advice from other people is not always a good thing or following your heart and vica versa. You need to find the balance and figure out what’s best for you.

Make sure to live today.

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The Alchemist

This was probably the first book I read after school. One which I wanted to read. It wasn’t forced or anything, something I chose to do willingly in my free time. Once I picked it up I couldn’t put it down until it was finished.

The quote below was one of the things I took away from the writings of Paul Coelho. I went on to read a couple more of his books but for a while that quote resonated with me, several years in fact

I still like to believe in this quote. The innocence inside of it. The hope in humanity.

Broken Record

Why was I born this way? I’m not able to control my thoughts or my feelings. Met my ex on the weekend at a friend’s birthday party. It was hard seeing her and catching up. Then I got a bit drunk and made things worse between us, didn’t know that was possible.

I just can’t get her out of my head, it’s nearly been 9 months now. I just want this to be over, but it’s not letting up. I’ve been feeling so sad the past couple of days and I can’t get her out of my head. When will this nightmare be over

Becoming An Adult

Growing Up

As a child you’re shielded from pain and suffering or atleast you’re supposed to be. As an adult there’s nothing you can do when something bad happens but to suck it up and deal with it.

Going to the maternity ward and seeing a new born is a joyous occasion for most, but for those unfortunate few it is quite the opposite. Yesterday I went to go see my aunt’s baby who was born prematurely and was only a couple of days old. We had received news that the doctors would be taking the life support off at some point in the evening. So after work we all went down and saw the baby breath her last few breaths before they turned it off.

During my life I’ve had a near death experience, had one of my younger cousins die less than 6 months ago but never had I seen it where a few minutes ago they were here and then gone. Her tiny lifeless body the size of my hand just lay there. I got emotional seeing the poor thing there but I can’t imagine to think how the parents are feeling.

Going back to the title of this blog. As a child we are carefree and know nothing of the trials and tribulations of this world. As an adult we have to face those things head on and be a part of them, which if I could I’d rather turn back time and not have to suffer like this.

I’m not able to articulate my words properly on this blog for which I apologise.

What I Feel

Of all the battles that I’ve won

I rarely listen to whole albums. At work I was listening to Spotify and I saw an ad for Tom Walkers new album “What a time to be alive.” I’ve loved some of his previous songs p.s he needs more recognition. So I started playing the album and the first couple of songs hit me. On the drive home I took the scenic route so I can listen to it all but a couple of songs resonated with me the most. I’ll let you listen to the album and find out for yourselves.

At some point I felt a connection with Tom, and that reminded me of the events of the weekend.

So I kind of bumped into my ex but didn’t. My friends wanted to do a mini pub crawl to find a nice spot in town but being my town there wasn’t anywhere good. On our way home we went to a pub where little did I know my ex happened to be at. I didn’t see her at first but a mutual friend saw me, this friend was out with my ex.

I see my ex across the bar and all these memories and feelings come rushing back. If only I had that pill she gave me the last time I saw her so I could calm down. Just the same as the last time I saw her I couldn’t get my shit together or calm down.

I tell me friends I need some air so I walk to the smoking area after telling them who is also here. I get some fresh air (have a smoke) gather myself again and walk back in. Whilst in the smoking area our mutual friend comes over and I ask her if I should go say hello. She disagrees and says it’s not a good idea, my friends said the same.

I tell her we’re only having 1 drink and leaving to which my friend replies your ex is ok with you staying she doesn’t mind. We weren’t out for a crazy one that night. A pint at each bar and off home we go. Regardless we go back in, say hello to a few people and my ex walks straight passed me without batting an eyelid.

Back to Tom Walker, listening to his song “Now you’re gone” hit home. She’s stubborn and/or doesnt give a shit (im going with the latter) and I’m stupid for feeling like this… “Of all the battles that i’ve won…Was it really worth it”

Snowboarding Tomorrow

Val Cenis

I’ve been looking forward to this holiday for so long, it’s been a year since I went on the last trip and i’ve been waiting ever since. More so these past couple of months. I finally get to get out there with just me and my board. Gliding through the snow and leaving the troubles of the world in the wind. It would have been amazing to share this experience with the same person I shared it with last year but that’s not possible. This time tomorrow we’d have landed in Verona Italy and hopefully be on our way to the resort. Looking forward to the peace of mind I’ll have albeit only for a week.